Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals – Book Review

Posted: February 7, 2017 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

I have been a professional aromatherapist for 20 years now, and in those 20 years I have read and collected over 40 aromatherapy books. I’ve tended to notice that the one thing common among all these books is that they don’t have a detailed guide about all the effects and interactions of the essential oils.

As much as we love our essential oils, we also know that they are powerful mixtures and need to be understood before they are used on ourselves or other people. So a book that helped me understand that aspect was crucial.

The book was written by Robert Tisserand, whom many people such as myself consider to be the father of modern-day aromatherapy. Having written the very first English aromatherapy book in 1977, his publication, Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, has become a vital book to all serious health care practitioners. The book accurately describes the hazards and risks associated with essential oils, which helped me understand more the biological and scientific reactions caused by these intricate substances.

Guidelines relating to maximum doses and restrictions issued by various authorities are discussed, and some have now been revised.  For the first time, the potential for interactions between essential oils and orthodox drugs is reviewed.

The book is vast and contains several detailed subjects:

  • 400 essential oil profiles
  • 206 constituent profiles
  • 5 new chapters exploring essential oil safety for particular human systems in detail:
    The Respiratory System
    The Cardiovascular System
    The Urinary System
    The Digestive System
    The Nervous System
  • Essential oil / drug interactions
  • Over 4000 references

As a professional therapist, this book has seriously become a must have. The 784-page book is the most comprehensive book on the medical, chemical, and scientific properties of these oils.

Back when I first got this book it was $99.99, but now you can find this book for only $51.29. Buy it now before the promotion ends.

If you are serious about using essential oils, then by getting this book you will understand why so many other practitioners in the aromatherapy field use this unique publication to expand their experience and understanding.

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