Aromatherapy a Natural Choice for Women – Webinar Recording

Posted: June 4, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Please enjoy the recording of this aromatherapy webinar exploring the many benefits of aromatherapy in the life of women -From infancy to our later years- we’ll explore the unique health and beautifying benefits that essential oils have provided for women since the beginning of time!! Cristina Proano de Carrion is a dynamic, creative and powerful woman. Her knowledge and experience will entertain you as she shares her secrets, focusing on women and their particular health and beauty needs. She’ll show how to use essential oils from gynecological care, to pregnancy, fertility and menopause. Topics covered include the benefits of aromatherapy for: •    Managing Stress •    Dealing with the various phases of the Menstrual Cycle •    Aiding in Pregnancy and Childbirth •    Increasing Sensuality •    Moving Gracefully during Menopause •    Creating your own Facial Oils and more!
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