Aromatherapy For Achievers: Essential Oils That Spell Success

Posted: October 31, 2013 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Aromatherapy for Success
All successful people have one thing in common – they never lose track of their priorities and are incredibly focused.  Sadly enough, that is not true for most of us.

We often start out a new project with passion and enthusiasm, only to lose steam midway. Sometimes we give in to distractions and at other times, poor health holds us back.

Perhaps that is why it is never easy to be an achiever. Many of my clients complain that they are easily distracted by television, Internet and phone, which causes a dip in their productivity and keeps them from reaching their potential.

Sounds too much like you?

Is your lack of focus posing an obstacle to your success?

If yes, I have a couple of good news for you:
The first is that this is not a permanently hopeless situation.
The second is that you can use essential oils to pull yourself out of such negative patterns.

Certain smells have the capacity to trigger the release of specific hormones that have a profound effect on the way we feel and behave. The effect of olfactory stimuli on the human brain is further compounded because our sense of smell is 10,000 times more acute than all our other senses!

In fact a study carried out by Dr. Joel Warm and Dr. William Dembar in 1995 established that exposure to certain scents may help people perform better at “sustained attention tasks”. So whether it is your academics, job or business, you can significantly boost your concentration, focus and alertness with a little help from aromatherapy.  In short, you can train your mind for success.

Sharpen Your Most Potent Tool – Your Mind!

Focus, motivation, sharpness and alertness – more than your skills or capabilities, it is your state of mind that determines how successful you will be.

Do you have the right attitude?

Laurel Essential Oil: Strengthens the memory and helps maintain concentration, especially during prolonged tasks.  Motivates people who lack energy or confidence.
Rosemary Essential Oil: Instills confidence during periods of self-doubt and keeps motivation levels high when the going gets tough. Also makes one more welcoming of new ideas.
Cardamom Essential Oil: Nurtures and supports the brain and nervous system.  Awakens a dull mind and dispels tensions and worries during challenging times.
Peppermint Essential Oil: It’s refreshing and pungent smell works like a power boost for a fatigued mind, making it more sharp and alert.

Aromandina recommends: Memoria essential oil blend, a combination of the above mentioned essential oils.

Success, But Not At The Cost Of Happiness

The demands of a busy lifestyle can fill your life with stress and throw you off balance. Success is important, but so is inner peace and happiness. Are you swapping one for the other?

Lemon Essential Oil: Clean and refreshing by nature, it dispels confusion and facilitates clarity of thought. Cheers up the mood even when things don’t go according to plan.
Bergamot Essential Oil: Soothes the nerves and alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression. Provides encouragement when you begin to lose hope.
Grapefruit Essential Oil: Its positive and upbeat scent is the perfect antidote for tension, frustration, irritability, and moodiness.  Helps people deal with failures and unpleasant situations more effectively.

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Day-To-Day Routine

I mostly recommend using electrical diffusers because they are both safe and convenient.

You can use them in your workplace or study area, and adjust the quantity of essential oil according to the size of your space. For example, 10 drops would be enough for a small cabin, while you may need 20 drops for reception areas and larger rooms. Alternatively, you can make your own ‘aromatherapy achiever’s blend’ by mixing 20 drops of your preferred oils in 1 quart of distilled water. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it around whenever you need a little push. What is your favorite scent of success?

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  • II like how you mention the rosemary essential oil as a confidence builder. I still think to this day it is incredible on how essential oils can make the body function incredibly well. I do believe eating healthy, sleeping well and using these oils can just really take your life to a new level.

  • Thank you for your comment Joshua. What are your favorite essential oils?