Bye Bye Bugs

Posted: June 30, 2014 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Buzz Off Insect Repellent
Summer is full of outdoor fun – camping, hiking, picnics, barbeques…and pesky little bugs. An insect bite can sure ruin the most perfect summer day – not to mention the host of diseases that these critters carry. So what are you doing to keep yourself and your family safe this summer?

As a parent and pet-owner, you are probably looking for all all-natural, chemical-free solution that is safe, effective and hypoallergenic.

Well, BUZZ-OFF Aromatherapy Spray is all that and more!

  • Active ingredients such as Lemongrass, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Catnip, Peppermint and Sweet Lavandin are super-effective on mosquitoes, flies and fleas.
  • Aloe Vera soothes and nourishes the skin.
  • 100% DEET-free – use it as much and as often as you like.
  • Perfectly safe for babies and pets.
  • Convenient spray bottle allows for easy, mess-free application.
  • Smells better than most insect repellents you have used before!

You don’t have to scratch and swat your way through the summer, and neither do you have to subject yourself to harmful chemicals.

Try out BUZZ-OFF Aromatherapy Spray today – our clients have loved it and you will love it too!

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