You Can Stop Stress at Work with the Right Aromatherapy Regimen!

Posted: April 10, 2014 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

aromatherapy for stress
No matter where you work, you know how stressful the office can be!  Phones that never stop ringing, bosses that never stop criticizing, and deadlines that never seem to be long enough turn your workplace into a haven for stress.

Despite what you might think, though, stress isn’t “all in your head”.  In addition to frustration and feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker, stress can actually cause physical problems, too, like fatigue, headaches, and sore muscles.

So, how do you stop the stress at work from taking over your entire life?

With the right aromatherapy regimen!

As long as you’ve got the right products, you can stop stress before it starts.  OK, so aromatherapy may not get rid of that overbearing boss you hate, but it can help you deal with him a whole lot better.  And, because it’s so easy to take a quick sniff or spray an oil mixture into the air at your desk, you won’t have to sacrifice productivity for sanity!

How exactly will aromatherapy combat mental stress?

aromatherapy for lack of energy
If you constantly roll out of bed feeling tired, sluggish, and wondering how you’re going to deal with yet another day at the office, two spritzes of Alerta Body Mist in your face will work wonders.  Because it’s made with Peppermint, Rosemary, and Cardamom, you’ll be ready to face the day.

Once you’re actually at work, grab your Citrus Delight Essential Oil whenever stress builds.  This essential oil blend is a natural mood-booster, so squeeze a couple of drops onto a tissue and breathe in.  As soon as all of those sunny citrus oils make their way into your nasal passages, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to tackle whatever hits your desk next!

But what about those physical problems?  How do you get rid of them?

Headaches and other stress-related aches and pains can ruin your entire life.  So, before you suffer any longer, tap into the power of aromatherapy!  Not only is it easy to take advantage of the right essential oils, it’s also a whole lot better than popping a pill every time something starts to hurt.

If all of that stress makes your head throb, simply rub some Headache Roll On onto your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck.  The ingredients in it are natural analgesics and anti-infammatories, so they’ll be able to relieve even the strongest of stress headaches.  (As an added bonus, these ingredients are just as helpful in getting rid of the sore wrists you get from spending hours typing on the computer!  Just roll onto your wrists, and you’ll immediately feel better.)

Unfortunately, aches and pains aren’t the only physical problem you can suffer from at work.  With all of those employees cooped up inside the office, it’s impossible to avoid air-borne germs.  And, when you’re constantly stressed, your immune system gets weaker — meaning you’re even more likely to wind up feeling congested and downright icky!

If the sniffles creep up at work, squeeze one drop of Immune Support essential oil into your hands, and breathe in.  It will clear up clogged nasal passages AND act as a hand sanitizer!

To sanitize the environment around you, fill a 4oz glass bottle with distilled water, add 5 drops of Eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of Peppermint oil, and use the mixture as a disinfectant for your desk, your phone, or anything else you have to touch.  You can even spray some into the air when someone nearby sneezes!

For a bigger boost, rub 1/2 teaspoon of Immune Support body oil onto your chest after a hot shower to clear out your sinuses.

Never knew there were so many ways aromatherapy could offer stress relief, did you?  Now that you’re armed with knowledge, tap into Aromandina’s products to keep your work life from ruining your personal life!

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