Essential Oils for the Unexpected Events

Posted: August 11, 2017 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Essential Oils For Grief

Not all our experiences in life are joyful. Sometimes, the unexpected happens, like the passing away of a close family member. Recently, a friend of mines mother passed away and I didn’t know how I could help her with the grieving process. So, I turned to my books and realized that there were many oils that could help her handle these extreme emotions that come with uninvited events.

There are other emotions that people may experience during the grieving process such as remorse or even guilt. The essential oils meant for dealing with extreme sadness reach into the depths of our personal emotions and feelings. They help you feel safe and balanced.

To help my friend, I made a special blend out of the recommended oils and gave her a soothing massage with it. While a massage is always relaxing, she needed something for the rest of the week, so I made a her a mist that she could spray when she desired.

I chose 4 essential oils from the book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay for my friend, reading the description of what role each oil would take.

Here are the oils I chose and what Gabriel Mojay writes about them:

Cypress: “Cypress oil’s basic subtle action, then, is to help us cope with and accept even difficult change — of both and inner and outer nature.”
“Dissolving remorse and instilling optimism, cypress oil helps us to flow with the flux of life. From here we can contemplate the tree’s long and deep relationship to death and the grieving process, and why it was thought to be of comfort to those in bereavement.” [1]

Grapefruit:Grapefruit oil clears the psychological “heat” and congestion that result from deep-seated frustration and self-blame. Essentially cleansing, clarifying, and refreshing, it works to rid the “heavy” feelings that accompany angry disappointment, allowing us to perceive and accept more realistic goals.” [2]

Clary Sage: “Clary sage works to “open the chest” when it feels stuffy, tight, or constricted.” “The oil is indicated, in particular, for nervous anxiety and depression characterized by changeable moods, indecision, and emotional confusion.” [3]

Geranium: “Conveying a feeling of calm strength and security, geranium oil is therefore beneficial for both chronic and acute anxiety, particularly where there is nervous exhaustion due to stress and overwork.” [4]

Here’s the recipe for the aromatherapy Mist (2% dilution)

4 oz of distilled water in a spray bottle

15 drops of cypress

10 drops of grapefruit;

10 drops of clary sage

10 drops of geranium

Since water and essential oils do not mix, always shake well before use.  Spray twice on your hands, put them close to your face and breathe deeply several times while you feel the release of pent up emotions

For an aromatherapy body oil, combine the same amount of these essential oils for grief with 4 oz of carrier oil.

Going through the passing of a loved one can be very hard and draining. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with it alone and have essential oils that can help lessen the load.

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