Posted: November 26, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

For my colleague who always gets sick: RESPIRO Immune Support Essential Oil – aromatherapy to boost the immune system  
For dad who works hard all day: Adrenal Support Body Oil – aromatherapy for fatigue
For men who seem to forget birthdays and anniversaries: Memoria Essential Oil – aromatherapy for memory
For mom who could use some cheer-up: RADIARE Essential Oil andWoman’s Help Body Oil – aromatherapy for women
For Aunt Martha to brighten up her spirit: Alegria Essential Oil EXULTO Bath Soak EXULTO Body Mist aromatherapy for depression
For Uncle John who tosses and turns all night: An essential oil, body oil, body mist and bath soak from theSERENO range  – aromatherapy for stress and insomnia
For my girlfriend, sister, mom, aunt, because they mean a lot to me: Wise Woman Perfume 
To help little Zack be focused at school: Alerta Body Mist