Mandarin Oil — Here’s Why It Should Be Part of Your Regular Routine

Posted: August 23, 2016 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Ever play that game where you have to choose just a couple of things you’d want if you were stranded on a desert island?  For me, Mandarin essential oil would definitely be on the list!  I love this stuff!

I first discovered Mandarin oil about twenty years ago, and ever since, it’s been my go-to oil on stressful days, on nights that I can’t sleep, and even for my young son.  In fact, Mandarin is one of the safest and gentlest essential oils for children and pregnant women.  Kids especially seem to like it because it smells like candy!

What exactly does Mandarin oil do?

It gives your digestive system a boost

Whether you’ve got indigestion, gas, or stomach spasms, Mandarin oil can help your digestive system secrete bile and break down fats.  It’s also got antispasmodic qualities that can give you quick relief from gas pains and hiccups.  
Simply mix 20 drops of Mandarin with 4 ounces of carrier oil and massage it clockwise over your tummy.  (And, yes, this mixture is safe for young kids and the elderly!)  – For children under 2, mix 4 ounces of jojoba oil with 5 drops of mandarin oil.

It helps you calm down

Mandarin oil contains N-methylantranilate, which, in layman’s terms, means that it has sedative properties.  It will actually slow down your sympathetic nervous system, so whether you’re feeling stressed out, confused, or restless, it will give you quick calming relief. 

I like to put about 5 drops of Mandarin oil into a room diffuser to help me wind down after a long day and sleep better.  (This was also my go-to remedy when my son was colicky and fussy as a baby!)  For even better sleep, I combine Mandarin with Lavender and/or Chamomile oils.  The scents are a great complement to one another, and the mixture is a potent remedy against insomnia!

I also recommend Mandarin oil for older kids who are hyperactive.  In fact, the French often call Mandarin “The Children’s Remedy” because it provides so much relief, while still being incredibly gentle.  Simply massaging your Mandarin oil mixture* into your child’s back or onto the soles of his feet can make a major difference!

* 4 ounces of carrier oil + 20 drops of mandarin essential oil

It gives you an instant mood boost

Mandarin essential oil is created through a cold press extraction of the rind of a Mandarin orange.  The end result is a sweet, tangy scent that can instantly make you feel happier and more refreshed.  I bet you can’t take a sniff of this oil without smiling!  As a result, it can be a powerful tool in the fight against depression.  (For the ultimate mood boost, I like combining Mandarin with other citrus oils — like lemon, grapefruit, and orange.) 

It can make your entire body less toxic

If your lymphatic system is congested, it’s harder for your body to get rid of toxins.  Luckily, Mandarin can help relieve lymph congestion, leaving you with cleaner cells and a body that functions more efficiently.  As a result, any bloating or general sluggishness that you’re experiencing will fade away.
As always, dilute it first with a carrier oil.

 It can knock out stretch marks

In addition to all of the great things we’ve already talked about, Mandarin oil can actually prevent stretch marks from forming.  And, remember, it’s safe for pregnant women to use, so feel free to incorporate it into your regular routine before those unsightly marks show up!
Combine 4 ounces of carrier oil + 20 drops of mandarin + 20 drops of frankincense.

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