Married To Your Business Partner?

Posted: February 26, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

I would not change working from home with the love of my life for anything. There is so much sharing, so much interchange of energy and ideas and collaboration. Martin and I met Torri Westmoreland and her husband at a Tweetup* at Monteluce Wine organized by James Ball.  Both couples connected immediately, we both shared something in common: we are married to our business partner and therefore have the rewards and challenges that that type of situation involves. She just shared with me her new Blog post and I thought it would be great to share it with you:


by Torri Westmoreland I promise to share with you … I’ll let you use my cel phone charger when you leave yours at home, even though I probably won’t get it back later. I promise to take risks for you … I’ll upgrade my software first, so I can tell you if there are any bugs before you do it. I promise to try to keep our family healthy. I will make sure we call it a night … sometimes before it’s morning. I promise to trust … I’ll not question your classification of vendors, within reason (but if “salon” is in the name, we might need to talk) I promise to support you … I’ll keep the kids silently entertained when a client calls after school. I promise to give … up the wireless card when you need it (or buy smart phones so we can both be connected simultaneously). I promise to do my share … I’ll drive so you can get your work done in the passenger seat. I promise to be considerate … I’ll keep gas in the car so we don’t run late to a meeting. I promise to be kind … I will not send all of our high maintenance customers’ e-mails your way. I promise to empathize … when you’re heartbroken about losing a client you “just knew we had”. I promise to rejoice … when you get a new laptop before I do (even though I secretly have new laptop envy!). I promise to be responsible … and charge the camera. I promise to communicate … I’ll have conversations with you about something other than work. I promise to make time for us … I’ll put date night on my calendar, and keep that date as I would a meeting with a client. I added these vows here: I promise to keep you awake.. By preparing that needed cup of coffe at 3 pm I promise to help you relax… With a yummy aromatherapy bath at night I promise to always look good for you… Even on those days I wish I could work in my pajamas Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have some new vows of your own? *Tweetup: A gathering of Twitter users ** Source: