Massage Treatment for Anxiety and Stress Relief with Aromatherapy

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

This aromatherapy treatment  is intended to encourage deep relaxation and peace. The essential oils, application of products, and massage strokes all are designed to assist in alleviating strain, struggle and emotional turmoil associated with insomnia and stress. This treatment uses very gentle sensory input designed to soothe and relax. The essential oils promote deep relaxation and a sense of peace. Gentle mist and warm compresses alleviate physical and mental strain.

Products in the treatment:

Sleep Time Essential Oil Blend
Sleep Time Body Mist
Sleep Time Body Oil

Room Set Up:

Crockpot filled with water on low setting Place 1 TBS of table salt mixed with 5 drops of of Sleep Time Essential Oil Blend in crockpot water.
Have hand towel soaking in crockpot water

Table Set Up:

Place 1 drop of Sleep Time Essential Oil Blend on face cradle

Supplies on Hand:

2 Hand Towels

Home Care Products:

Sleep Time Essential Oil Blend
Sleep Time Body Mist
Sleep Time Body Oil

Procedure: Mist, Compress and Massage
1.   Mist your client’s body using Sleep Time Body Mist. Hold the bottle 2 – 3 feet from client with the nozzle facing toward the ceiling and spray the mist upward. The mist will fall gently on the skin and feel like the mist in a rain forest.
2.   Wring out the hot water from the hand towel that is in the crockpot and lay over the body area you just misted. With a flat hand press the hot water into the body tissue. Using your thumb you can press firmly into Trigger and Shiatsu points for deeper release.
3.   Massage your client with Sleep Time Body Oil using very firm, flat and slow strokes. Maintain a spirit of assurance as you massage your client, communicating to them in your touch that all is well and they are safe to let go and deeply relax.

Note: Starting your client prone or supine is the therapist’s choice depending on preference. In this treatment it is better to mist, compress and then massage a section of the body at a time.

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  • Melissa

    Very good ideas! I love aromatherapy! The essential oils added to massage are beneficial. They smell good and make you relax more 🙂