National Sense of Smell Day

Posted: April 26, 2014 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Did you know that such a day exists? Neither did I!

The Storytelling Manager of Ford Motor Company contacted me on Friday and told me about this day.  The conversation that followed was so interesting that I though it would be great to share it with my readers:

Good morning, Cristina

My name is Dan Mazei, and I work in the communications team at Ford Motor Company. I realize an e-mail from Ford may sound strange, but I swear I have a good reason to be reaching out today.

I’m not sure if you know, but this Saturday is National Sense of Smell Day. As odd as that may sound to most people, I’m sure you can appreciate a day that recognizes our built-in ability to improve our lives through smell (like with essential oils and aromatherapy). 

With this in mind, Ford partnered up with the world’s foremost experts on scent, ScentAir, to come up with the Top 7 Aromas for a Less Stressful Drive – the little things we can do to make our commutes, errand runs, road trips and family vacations more relaxing and comfortable.

I’d love to send you the full list, if you’re interested. These are not products, but rather general scents your readers could go out and apply on their own. I think they’d really enjoy seeing this. 

Please let me know your thoughts when you can.

This obviously got me very curious as I wanted to find out more about those scents and what they are for.  Dan sent me the complete list and although I am not a fan of artificial scents, I was very pleased a big company like Ford Motor Company would be interested in making that connection for drivers, pleasant scents that can help them have a pleasant drive. 

After reading the draft, I did send him some suggestion and noted that Mahogany for instance is not a natural scent, and that I would not use Vanilla and Sandalwood for an evening drive as I would fall asleep on the wheel.  I also mentioned to him that I am not a fan of artificial scents and I would definitely not enjoy driving with those scents.

I think that we could use the same concept using natural essential oils and I  would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how would you replace this scents with natural aromatherapy essential oils.

Driving. It’s a daily imperative for the vast majority of us; a function that’s as ingrained into our routines and getting dressed or making breakfast.

In fact, Harvard Medical School once postulated that the average American spends up to 614 hours a year driving. If we spent the same amount of time – almost 12 hours every week – sitting in our living rooms or laying in our beds, we’d want that time to be as comfortable as possible. Right?

Driving is impacted by a lot more than the car in front of you, or the construction on the expressway. Like most other aspects of our daily lives, we have the power to make every one of those hours driving more pleasant and enjoyable – and one simple solution is right in front of (or, between) our eyes.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is National Sense of Smell Day. While the day may not be circled in red on your calendar, it’s a reminder that smell is one of the most important senses we have.
In honor of this occasion, Ford Motor Company has tapped into the unique expertise of ScentAir, the largest scent marketing company in the world, to help drivers – and your readers – take full advantage of their good ol’ fashioned…olfaction…with the Top 7 Aromas for a Less Stressful Drive, no matter where they’re going:  

  • Mahogany: The aroma of this durable, tropical tree species comforts the mind, while imbuing a sense of productivity that will help drivers feel more empowered – whether on their commute to work, or simply running to pick up some takeout food

  • Ocean: The smell of the ocean not only helps to make every trip feel like a vacation, but the light and soft aroma also brings to mind cleanliness and freshness – two feelings that contribute to a more positive outlook. How does that sound for that stressful drive home?

  • Vanilla and Sandalwood: The combination of these warm and rich classics will create an environment of warmth and comfort, perfect for an evening drive with that special someone or for a weekend getaway road trip

  • Fig: It’s not just the centerpiece of a time-tested cookie, but an ancient delicacy that helps every moment to feel like a journey – an especially useful scent for running errands or other trips that may otherwise seem mundane and tedious

  • Basil: From pizza and pasta to summertime drinks, basil never fails to deliver. It’s equally as useful in the car, inspiring the mind to wander for those long holiday drives or lengthy vacation road trips

  • Summer Grass: This familiar scent offers a refreshing and invigorating quality that can liven up those drives to the gym, the office or an evening event, when you could use a little boost to stay on your A-game

  • Eucalyptus and Mint: The partnership of these stunning, fresh aromas make for a perfect morning drive. Whether it’s a bumper-to-bumper dance with commuters, or cruising through the quiet streets at sunrise, the scents will make for a softer and deeper experience