Palo Santo Essential Oil – Connecting Sustainability with the Spa Experience

Posted: July 7, 2013 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Everyone loves to feel great! The Spa Industry exists to fill this need. The Green Sustainable Movement is growing out of our power as consumers to choose. More and more we look behind the scenes at the products, services and companies we use to find out how it is made, manufactured and the company’s business practices. Does it give to the community or exploit it; does it sustain and increase our natural resources or destroy it? These are the questions we, as maturing consumers, are asking about our daily transactions. Palo santo atardecer

Palo Santo Essential Oil – The Epitome of Sustainability

If you are searching out products to use that support others and sustan communities and our natural resources, you may want to consider introducing Palo Santo essential oil to your spa treatments. Palo Santo, or “Holy Wood,” is a tree which is native to Ecuador and other countries in South America. This tree has been used for centuries by the natives in South America as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing, dispelling evil spirits, misfortune and calamity. It is said that the true value of this tree comes after its life, of up to 90 years because, the tree does not release its essence, or essential oil, until it has lain on the ground for 4years after having died of natural causes. At this point the tree gives freely of its essential essences. Everything about Palo Santo Essential Oil promotes sustainability by its very nature. Small communities in Ecuador gather sticks of palo santo that have been laying on the ground for years, these are then taken to a communal distillation unit where the sticks are first (ground), then distilled by steam distillation.  This activity benefits many families who live in the central highlands of Ecuador.

Sustainability Equals Good Self Care

Sustainability in the Spa Industry just makes sense as the health of the business is fundamentally intertwined with the health of the clients and employees. When everyone is feeling great the business thrives. Palo Santo invokes a feeling of sacredness as in entering a temple; quiets the mind from mundane thoughts; and has a purifying effect on the mind. You can diffuse Palo Santo Essential Oil in your treatment room to release mundane thoughts and prepare yourself for the healing work with your client. It is a great way to promote self care at the same time as you assist your clients.

Benefits of Palo Essential Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil

  • As an anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints
  • As a decongestant to reduce nasal mucus production and swelling
  • As a nervous system tonic, sedative
  • Helpful for allergies
  • Effective to counteract panic attacks and anxiety
  • Beneficial for meditation, concentration, and for enhancing creativity and learning.
What a blessing that in its putrefaction, the Palo Santo tree provides medicine; hence, increased life is the outcome of its death.

Ways to use Palo Santo Essential Oil

Grounding At night, before bed, put a couple of drops on a tissue.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize the feeling of being rooted and nourished by the earth.  Experience the feeling of being stable, supported and strong. Meditating This  will help you meditate and feel more detached from worldly thoughts. Put a couple of drops on a tissue.  Close your eyes, take several breaths.  As you breathe in, feel the scent of this blend lifting up your spirit, separating you from the worries of the day into a calm space.  Use it as many times as you need to relax and reconnect with your higher consciousness. Stress relieving In ¼ cup of Epson salts mix the following essential oils: 4 drops of Palo Santo 4 drops of Lavender 2 drops of Mandarin Add this preparation to your bath water. While soaking in the water visualize that all your troubles and worries of the day are flowing down the drain.  Allow the calming qualities of Palo Santo to provide strength and wisdom, and the assurance that tomorrow will be a better day. As one can see from these simple recipes, Palo Santo oil is Green, Sustainable by its very nature and extremely useful for all sorts of things. Do consider stocking it amongst your oil bottles.
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  • Deborah Benefield

    every member of the massage therapy business I’m thinking of should consider adding this Oil to their repertoire.

  • Deborah, try it with some mandarin or bergamot. It smells heavenly. Plus is fantastic for inflammation.