A Very Special Oil from my Country: Palo Santo (holy wood)

Posted: March 2, 2009 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

QuitoWhen I used to walk through the colonial streets of my hometown Quito, the sweet woody smell of the Palo Santo sticks sold outside the temples and churches immediately would lift up my spirit and invite me to quiet my mind from mundane thoughts. Origin Palo SantoPalo Santo, or “Holy Wood”, is a tree that grows in the dry coastal areas in Ecuador. The wood has been used for centuries by the natives in my country as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing, dispelling evil spirits, misfortune and calamity. Why it is so special It is said that the true value of this tree comes after its life, which can be up to 90 years. The tree does not release its essence, or essential oil, until is has lain on the ground for 4-10 years after having died of natural causes. At this point the tree gives freely of its essential essences.

I invite you to enjoy the essence of this special essential oil here

Therapeutic Properties As a decongestant to reduce nasal mucus production and swelling Enjoy in: For its purifying effect on the mind, especially beneficial for cases of grief and inability to let go Enjoy in: As an anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints. Enjoy in: As a nervous system tonic, sedative Enjoy in: