Set the Stage for Romance!

Posted: January 23, 2009 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Valentines 2009 For thousands of years, people have used scents and aromas for love and sensuality. Nature’s essential oils have been used to heal the body, enhance life, evoke memories and seduce. HOW IT WORKS The aromatic molecules are inhaled and carried to the olfactory membrane, the place from where millions of nerve endings send signals to the brain. The scents are analyzed in different centers of the brain for memories and emotional and sexual responses. There’s a logical explanation for scent’s powerful effect on romance: there are studies that show that essential oils can act directly on the limbic system of the brain, the center of our emotions, memories and sexual behavior. Essential oils can affect your mood, emotional fulfillment and desires. The use of essential oils can help enhance self-confidence, radiate vibrancy, and increase sensitivity. Some essential oils can be stimulants, others aphrodisiacs, others euphoric or sedative. Their scents stimulate the mood and psyche creating erotic sensations and awakening desire. ESSENTIAL OILS FOR ROMANCE CARDAMOM – Its aroma helps clear the mind and stimulates the appetite for love. Spicy and profoundly sensual in nature. CLARY SAGE – Seductive and mildly intoxicating, exhilarating and euphoric. Soothes stress and anxiety and helps to remove fears and emotional blocks allowing for a deeper communication between partners. GERANIUM – Feminine, friendly and sweet. Enhances women’s self confidence. Helps to elevate intimacy and dispels anxiety and mood swings. GINGER – Pungent, bright and spicy. Its warming quality breaks the ice and adds vitality to a love relationship, allowing cold emotions to melt away. GRAPEFRUIT – Instills confidence and positivity. It’s tart scent invites playfulness and brightens up the day. LEMON – Stimulant, refreshing, restores the nervous system. Applied through massage, it can help to improve circulation. Adds joy and lightness to any aromatherapy blend. MANDARIN – Fresh, young and playful. Mandarin adds joy and lightness to any aromatherapy blend. PATCHOULI – Voluptuous, evident, suggestive. Reaches deep into the emotions and helps to decrease inhibition and to enable communication between partners. YLANG YLANG – Exotic, intense and exciting. it’s believed that its stimulating and healing properties can help in cases of impotence and frigidity. It can help dispel feelings of anger, jealousy and envy. How to set the stage for romance: Romantic Ambiance: Preparing your space carefully can help ensure a peaceful and romantic evening or afternoon, one that is certain not to be forgotten for some time to come. Choose any combination of the above mentioned essential oils, fill diffuser cup with water and add up to a combined total of 10 drops. Romantic Bath: A soothing bath is the perfect prelude to your date. Fill bath with warm water, mix a total of 10 drops of essential oil with ½ cup of unscented salt and bathe by candlelight. Sensual Massage: Massage is a gift of intimacy that will help to incorporate communication, love and care. It’s the perfect time to listen carefully to the needs and wishes of your partner. Mix two tablespoons of Therapeutic Body Oil with a total of 10 drops of your chosen essential oils. Apply small amounts of this body oil to the areas of the body you want to work, and enjoy.     Related Articles Fragrances for Love How to Enhance Libido with Reflexology Aromatherapy for Romance How to Enhance Libido with Essential Oils