Summer Solutions with Aromatherapy

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Enjoy your summer in a healthy and pleasant way, we want to help you!

Aromatherapy Solutions for the Summer While we all love to have fun in the sun, the warm season does bring along its own set of fun-spoilers like bugs, sunburn, rashes and exhaustion. However, nature’s essential oils to the rescue, there’s no reason why we should worry about all that at all! Summer can be a lot more enjoyable and trouble-free with Aromandina’s SUMMER SURVIVAL KIT. Whether you are on vacation or going about your routine business, essential oils can help you stay cool, active, energized and healthy.

For Rashes, Sunburns and Insect Bites:

Cool-off your skin and your senses with ALLERGY CALM Essential Oil . This blend is especially helpful in soothing irritated or inflamed skin and also promotes faster healing of burns, bruises and blisters. For Insect Bites: Apply one drop on every insect bite to prevent inflammation. For Sunburns: Mix 5 drops of essential oil and 1 tablespoon salt in an empty bowl. Fill bowl with hot or cold water, soak a piece of cloth, wring it out and cover the affected area. Repeat this process for 5 to 15 minutes, as needed. ALLERGY CALM is an effective blend of essential oils like Amni Visnaga, Hyssop, Chamomile, Lavender, Niaouli and Palo Santo – all of which possess calming and anti-inflammatory properties.  Keep this handy at all times to fight away the unpleasant surprises life throws up every now and then.

No More Travel Troubles

Summer is an ideal time to head for a long vacation or go camping with your family. Very often, long hours of travel can take a toll on your health and cause travel sickness, heat exhaustion, dehydration, fever, fatigue and headaches. Don’t let fatigue dampen your spirits – protect yourself and your family from the heat with VIGOR MEMORIA. This blend contains energizing and invigorating ingredients like spearmint, peppermint, cardamom, and rosemary that improve concentration and keep the senses fresh and alert. Wherever you go or whatever you do, these products will prove to be great companions.

Have a Bug-Free Summer

Bugs and mosquitoes can ruin even the most pleasant summer day. Apart from being extremely annoying, they are capable of spreading infections and diseases. Teach these pesky things a lesson with the BUZZ-OFF INSECT REPELLENT AROMATHERAPY SPRAY and they will never bug you again.     Related Articles Aromatherapy For The Summer – Webinar Recording Fix That Sunburn With Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Outdoor Activities Summer Survival Kit © 2010, Cristina Proano-Carrion, Aromandina LLC
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