Massage Treatment For Pain Relief With Aromatherapy

Posted: November 16, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

The Pain Relief  Massage Protocol is designed with particular attention to promote circulation of blood and lymph fluid. Many symptoms of pain relate to an unnatural contracted condition in the body. In many painful conditions, for whatever reason, toxins are held in the body rather than easily flowing out as waste.
This Pain Relief treatment utilizes essential oils that are known to penetrate, reaching deep into the tissue, assisting in the circulation of fluids which will release held toxins that tend to cause pain.

On an energetic emotional level, this treatment assists the client in replacing feelings of worry, related to thinking that life is hard and painful and something that must be endured, with feelings of ease and relaxation through belief that life is enjoyable and always moves in cycles of greater fulfillment.

It is useful for cases of fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Products in the treatment:

Body Oil for Circulation
Pain Begone Body Oil

Lavender Essential Oil
ALERTA Body Mist

Room Set Up:

One bowl filled with cold water.
Crockpot filled with warm water on low setting with 1 tbsp table salt that has previously been mixed with 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

Have 1 hand towel soaking in both the crockpot water and the bowl with cold water

Supplies on Hand:

2 Hand Towels

Table Set Up:

Set up the table for a massage

Home Care Products:

Begone Body Oil
Body Oil for Circulation
Headache Begone Roll On
ALERTA Body Mist


1. Wring out the hot water from the hand towel that is in the crockpot and lay it over the painful body area. With a flat hand press the hot water into the body tissue. Using your thumb you can press firmly into Trigger and Shiatsu points for deeper release.
2. Wring out the hand towel that is soaking in the cold water and place it over the same body area you just compressed. With a flat hand press the cold water into the body tissue. Using your thumb you can press firmly into Trigger and Shiatsu points for deeper release.
3. Continue back and forth using the hot and then the cold compresses on the painful body area 3 times each promoting blood and lymphatic flow out to the surface of the body and then back into the core. The whole process should take about 12 minutes.
4. After hot and cold compressing the painful body area massage it with  Pain Begone Body Oil .
Utilize the massage techniques you have learned that assist with pain relief, such as NMT, Trigger Point, Shiatsu and Myofascial Release. As you massage, in your mind’s eye see the painful contraction and toxicity completely dissipating from your client’s body. Feel the joy of easiness, freedom of movement and release, communicating that in your touch to your client.
5. Continue in the same sequence; 3x each alternating hot and cold compresses and then massage, on each painful body area.
6. Finish massaging the rest of the body with Body Oil for Circulation. Use complete body strokes to soothe, calm and reintegrate the whole body as one.
7. Turn your client over and continue the same sequence on the other side.
8. Finish treatment with a gentle spray of ALERTA Body Mist  on their faces.

Note: Starting your client prone or supine is the therapist’s choice depending on preference.

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