How To Enhance Libido With Essential Oils

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Throughout history, fragrances have always been an inseparable element in love and romance. Whether it is Cleopatra dousing herself and her surroundings in rose essence to seduce Mark Antony or eastern maharajahs sniffing on a bunch of jasmine as watch their courtesans dance, fragrances have had a large part to play in igniting passions and sensuality.

The use of essential oils in lovemaking is nothing new, but today, we know that it is much more than a tradition.  Scientific research carried out by neurologist Alan Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago has proven that certain scents are shown to have a powerful effect on our olfactory lobe, which is a part of the limbic system that houses sexual desires. Different scents seemed to produce varied levels of arousal in men and women, with Lavender and pumpkin pie ranking the highest! Even skeptics will agree that a nice smelling environment is conductive to romance and lovemaking – the scent of essential oils in a diffuser can elevate the mood and set you up for a passionate interlude.

Physical and emotional factors such as vaginal dryness, poor body image, stress and past traumas can be detrimental to sexual desire and confidence. Essential oils work in myriad ways to heal the body and mind. They balance out the chakras (energy centers) and stimulate the sacral chakra, which is located at the pubic bone.

The following essential oils are known to enhance sexuality and they work equally well for men and women:

Jasmine, with its sharp and sensual scent, has been used by generations of Indian women to entice their partners.

Ginger has a warm and hearty aroma that recreates a cozy atmosphere for a couple and makes lovemaking last longer.

Cardamom fills up the senses with its spicy and intoxicating fragrance and is a definite turn-on.

Ylang Ylang is strewn on the beds of newly married South-Asian couples on their wedding night – need we say more?

Grapefruit refreshes and energizes the senses, especially if you have been feeling down and low.

Cedarwood, with is woody aroma, is reassuring and infuses warmth into the atmosphere.

Clary Sage acts as a tonic for the female reproduction system and boosts sexual confidence.

Rose is almost synonymous with love and romance. Its fresh, floral scent is a powerful aphrodisiac.

You may use these oils in numerous ways to spice up your love life:

1. Pour a few drops into your bath water and let the aromas penetrate deep into your senses.
2. Add a few drops of essential oils to carrier oil and use it an intimate and erotic massage with your partner.
3. Light unscented candles all over your room to set the mood for romance. Candles also add warmth to your surroundings.
4. Sprinkle a few drops on your bed sheet and pillow cover so that the scents stay with you all through those special moments.
5. Use these oils in a burner at home to make every corner inviting and enticing.
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