An Aromatherapy Book For Health Professionals

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

A fascinating workbook about aromatherapy for health professionals
It was Christmas Eve when the mail carrier gave me this beautiful surprise –a package had arrived from Ireland. As soon as I saw the address I could not believe my eyes – German aromatherapy author, Eliane Zimmermann had sent me her book “Aromatherapie fur Pflege –und Heilberufe” (Aromatherapy for Care and Health Professions). It was the fourth edition (published in 2006) of the very informative and professional book that I had wanted to get my hands on for the longest time. The book was in German and although I have studied German for 10 years, it’s been long since I practiced it. Luckily, an app on my iPhone made it easy for me to translate the text and look up difficult words.  I owe a big thanks to technology! The book, loaded with valuable gems of information, has inspired me to share these bits of knowledge with my readers and clients.
Prof. Dietrich Wabner, in his foreword, says that “Aromatherapy has moved into a crucial phase”. In fact, since the first edition of this book appeared almost eight years ago in 1998, aromatherapy has grown immensely in scope and popularity.  Today, aromatherapy acknowledged a lot more as a complementary health method than it was at the turn of the millennium.  In many hospitals and nursing homes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, aromatherapy is widely used along mainstream healthcare disciplines in promoting better health and well-being. Well trained aromatherapy professionals with advanced certifications have made this possible. Aromatherapy implies well-being, care, fragrance and warmth. In fact, many modern-day health care professionals and caregivers are strengthening their authority and upgrading their nursing skills through the use of Aromatherapy. My colleague, Jane Buckle, constantly works towards “bringing care back into health care”. Looking at the state of health care services today, bringing in the ‘personal touch’ seems to be the need of the hour. I believe that Aromatherapy can contribute towards this goal in a significant way.
As I come across more interesting perspectives in the book, I will continue to post them here.