Aromatherapy Blending Party for Children

Posted: June 17, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

My nephew Bernardo (8) and my niece Martina (11) are in town visiting from Panama.  Every year they come they look forward to our aromatherapy blending party.
Martina and Bernardo ready to start their scent adventure
I gave them 14 essential oils to choose.  They put a drop of each on a perfume testing strip and wrote the names of each oil on them. Then they smelled one by one, and started choosing sets of 3 oils to see how they would work together


Bernie choosing 3 oils he likes for his first product
Bernie loves to blend, and understands proportions and synergies better than any adult.  He wanted a refreshing body mist for the warm weather in Panama.  The oils he chose were Ecuadorean Eucalyptus, Lavender and Peppermint.
Bernardo adding drop by drop to a glass cylinder

Martina decided she wanted her own perfume and she chose ylang ylang, clary sage, lavender and cypress.

Hmmm "I don't know if I like this blend"
hmm "I don't know if I like this blend"

Now, clary sage, cypress and ylang ylang can be a little bit too strong for a perfume…

We added extra lavender and a tiny bit of lemon essential oil and the result was perfect!

The addition of lemon and lavender really improved the scent!


Martina learned that flowers are feminine and calming and that lemon is a happy essential oil, so she called her perfume “Happy Flower”

Happy Flower Perfume made by Martina

As for Bernardo…

He didn’t want to settle with just one product, so he made a boy’s perfume and an essential oil blend for his bedroom.

The boy’s perfume has spearmint, cypress, lavender and litsea cubeba.

The essential oil has lots of bergamot, lemon, orange and a little bit of ylang ylang and he called it “Orange Flower”.

Bernardo's aromatic creations


Are you ready to do the same?