Aromatherapy Stocking Stuffers Your Family Will Love

Posted: December 16, 2011 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

I don’t know why it has become the tradition to put sugar candies in Christmas stockings. How about we change that tradition and use our Christmas stockings to promote our families health and well-being?  Stocking Stuffers Not only is it better for everyone, it is special, unique and personal. Children absolutely love Essential Oils. They will be so happy to receive Aromatherapy that is just for them. Here are some stocking stuffers I came up with for my nieces and nephews that might give you some gift ideas. Andrea 16: Chocolate Rose Perfume, so unique and exquisite, but not overbearing, brings a deep sense of relaxation and that feeling of being beautiful that comes with knowing you are loved. Mateo 15: SERENO Body Mist, to help him calm down when his hormones are up. Paula 14: EXULTO Body Mist, to help her always be in a good mood. Martina 13: Lavender Essential Oil, because that’s her favorite scent. Danny 10: Citrus Delight, because he is sweet and creative. Bernie and Joaquin 10: VIGOR Body Mist to help them be focused at school and refreshed when they do sports. For Stocking Stuffers I usually choose Aromatherapy items where the person receiving the gift can use it daily, carry it with them in their purse, backpack or brief case and where it is unique to them and their needs. 3 PERFECT AROMATHERAPY STOCKING STUFFERS Essential Oil Blends Aromatherapy Perfume or Roll On Personal Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend (click here to read last article for a guide) Aromatherapy Mists can be sprayed directly on the skin and face as a pick-me-up whenever our energy levels are low. They can refresh, rejuvenate and keep us healthy. They are inexpensive and pre-diluted. They are so useful and often overlooked as a vital part of the Aromatherapy arsenal. Kids can take them to school and use them to help with their studies, like ALERTA Body Mist for helping them memorize or RESPIRO Immune Support to keep their immune system strong and healthy. For a teenage girl an Aromatherapy perfume is perfect. It is small, easily fits in a purse or backpack and can be used daily to give her a sense of her beauty, poise and grace. It gives her that sense of being beautiful, feminine and special, and at the same time it helps her health and balances out her hormones. Chocolate Rose is a perfect choice. I found it useful to just spend some time thinking about the people I wanted to give gifts. I wasn’t thinking about what to get them, just about them. As I did that I found certain Essential Oils would come into my mind that fit them as a person or could help them with an emotional challenge they were facing. Here is the Aromandina product page. Just browse and take a look. Something perfect might pop off the page for that certain someone. Are you unsure what Essential Oils would be best for a certain someone? Is someone you know going through some emotional challenges and you want to know what Essential Oils would help? Ask your question here and I will be sure to answer.
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