Can’t Sleep? Try a Footbath Tonight

Posted: October 20, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night? Have you tried all possible remedies for insomnia but nothing worked? I would often have trouble sleeping even after sprinkling a few drops of Lavender oil on my pillow case. But that was until I discovered the magic of foot baths. At my spa in Ecuador, most clients would not comply easily if I asked them to take a full bath, but would readily agree to try a relaxing foot bath.  Aromatic foot baths are extremely relaxing and since the skin on the soles absorbs essential oils very effectively, they are a great way to get oils into the body.   One of my clients, Fanny, was a 60 year old woman who had suffered from insomnia for years. The sleeping pills were doing her no good and she had lost her energy and ability to focus.  I suggested a simple, three- step protocol and asked her to come back a month later.  On her next visit, Fanny looked 10 years younger and was happy, bright and energetic. She had finally found sweet slumber! This simple step by step guide helped Fanny and could help you too:
    • Fill a foot pan with warm water and add 1 tablespoon of Sleep Time Bath Soak. Immerse your feet up to the ankles in this water, relax and breathe deeply for 10 minutes.
    • Pat your feet dry and massage them with 1 teaspoon of Sleep Time Body Oil. Don’t rush the process and enjoy your “me” moment.  Massage the back of your neck and the solar plexus feel all tensions melt away.
Popping a sleeping pill might seem like an easier option but have you researched the side effects?
Natural and holistic therapies may take a bit more time, but isn’t it worth the while if it aids a restful sleep well and helps you feel better?

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