Essential Oils to Uplift the Spirit

Posted: October 27, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you have been strong for too long” ~ Author anonymous

Considering the complexity of the human mind, it comes as no surprise that the problems and disorders associated with it are just as bewildering. For decades, scientists have been struggling to understand the numerous  causes, trigger factors and manifestations of depression. The cause of depression may be different for each individual and the disorder often presents with varied, and sometimes contradictory, symptoms. On researching the existing literature, I knew I had to adopt a holistic approach as an aromatherapist and devise different and custom-made answers  for the same problem.

Depression and Chronic Stress

Problems at work or relationship conflicts slowly eat away your insides without you even realizing it. That is why it is so common to see successful professionals just fall apart because they are unable to deal with their anxieties and frustrations. Loss of motivation, drive and hope are some of the early signs of depression. Citrus essential oils like Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon have refreshing and cleansing qualities that ease depressive stress. Their warm, fresh and fruity aromas are inherently joyful and harmonizing, particularly where tension has bred a narrow, negative outlook.  Have you noticed how positive and refreshed you feel after eating a citrus fruit? It’s scent releases repressed emotions and feelings of grief, shame, abandonment and anger. Our recommendation: Citrus Delight Essential  Oil Blend Put 2 drops on a tissue, close your eyes and inhale deeply three times. The fresh scents cleanse your heart of all negativity and promise hope for a better future.

Depression and Loss of Motivation

Ever seen a warm and friendly person change into a cold and apathetic one? Traumatic experiences like personal or financial losses can make people withdraw into a shell and stop experiencing joy altogether. Such individuals lack inspiration and enthusiasm even in the happiest of situations. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, with its sensual and soothing aroma,helps restore self-confidence and allows you to express and appreciate your inner beauty. Clary Sage Essential Oil, helps us let go of inhibitions and do what we have always wanted to do. When you get to be spontaneous and ‘yourself’, it is not so difficult to have fun! Let the earthy sweetness and euphoric nature of this oil set you free. Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil, has a spicy-citrusy scent that adds some zing to a dull and boring life. Apart from being refreshing and energizing, it can help alleviate fear of emotional involvement. Our recommendation: Alegria (Joy) Essential Oil Blend Put 2 drops on a tissue, close your eyes and inhale deeply three times. Fill you mind and heart with gratitude and embrace the joy of being alive.

Depression and Powerlessness

Setbacks can at times leave people feeling helpless against the circumstances. This feeling of ‘victimization’ leads to chronic despair, dejection and a negative outlook towards life. Ginger Essential Oil  boosts the morale and its spicy scent sparks the will and awakens the senses. Cardamom Essential Oil provides the much needed ‘kick’ to keep you going and encourages you to be proactive. Eucalyptus Essential Oil opens up the chest and facilitates breathing. Deep breathing puts you at ease and allows you to view problems from a fresh perspective. There is always a way out – you just have to find it! Palo Santo Essential Oil has a woody aroma that is comforting and reassuring.  It promotes stability and helps you maintain your composure in difficult times. Our recommendation: Fiesta Essential Oil Blend Put 2 drops on a tissue, close your eyes and inhale deeply three times. Let the scents penetrate your mind and fill it with hope and confidence for better times to come. Photo By D Sharon Pruitt
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