Four Steps To A Successful Spa Session

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

  A spa session doesn’t start with the hands on treatment.  It is important to follow a sequence that will create a trusting environment for the client, this will help establish a bond between you as the professional and the client.  Each phase of a session is as essential as any other. Although some may take less than 5 minutes, they should never be skipped or thought of as unimportant.  At the end of the session, the client will be eager to hear the recommendations provided by the therapist.

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The first stage in any spa treatment is the first impression the client has of you. As such it is critical and sets the stage for the work to be done. Communicate with your presence a warm sense of welcome and invitation. Think of your client as a dear childhood friend or a loved one you haven’t seen in a while. Express with your eyes and handshake a genuine interest in them and desire to be of service.


As you enter the treatment room, sit down with your client and find out what brings them in today. Do they have a specific need, like a pain somewhere in their body? Did they have an accident or some kind of emotional stress? Write down what they say and before having them get on the table let them know how you will address their concern. If you are using a specific product or therapy, like aromatherapy, let them know that it will be beneficial for them to use it at home as it will continue addressing their concern. This phase brings the client and therapist into a specific agreement concerning the treatment and is thus critical. This should take no more than 5 minutes.


This is what most people consider as the treatment. As far as time is concerned, it certainly is the bulk of the treatment. This is where the concerns are addressed as agreed upon in the consultation. It should be noted that the treatment moves through the same sequence as the session, beginning with the introduction of your touch. It should communicate the warmth, care and concern you feel for your client. As they relax with your touch, you gain their agreement on a subconscious level allowing you to address their concerns. You can then work at deeper and deeper levels bringing them to a new level of ease, relaxation and greater range of motion.


This last phase is also critical as it guides your client to a greater level of personal responsibility for their wellbeing, allowing the therapy to continue to the next level. Suggest to them what they need to do to at home in order to continue to improve. Also suggest the best time for a return visit. Write down your recommendations and suggested reschedule time and give it to them. Also, write those down in your folder in order to follow-up with them on their next visit.

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