Expert aromatherapist and mother reviews our products

Posted: June 9, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have offered me the great opportunity to meet wonderful people. Through Twitter I met Dina an experienced aromatherapist, a WAHM, and co- founder of Family Reviews who firmly believe “when mama’s happy everyone is happy!”. She was very generous to review my Aromandina Products.  I invite you to read this review and to visit her page, it’s loaded with fantastic information to keep us mamas sane! Family Sanity Reviews “One of the things I love most about blogging is having the chance to work with amazing companies, the women that own them, and getting a chance to review the products. I met Cristina Proano-Carrion founder and owner of Aromandina on Twitter. Cristina is a highly trained aromatherapist and has brought the unique plants of Ecuador into her wonderful blends of essential oils. I highly encourage you to go to her website and read her blog where she provides a lot of education on aromatic medicine and will be hosting some upcoming webinars. Cristina graciously sent me 9 essential oil samples to test and review. When I received the package in the mail I could smell the aromatics before I even opened the box which told me immediately they were of a very high quality. Because several blends contain plants I have not worked with before I was thrilled that I would be testing something unique and powerful. Cristina has created products call the 7 Solutions Sets, each of the seven serve a different healing purpose and each set has different products containing the blends. Because I am an experienced aromatherapist she sent me the pure essential oils not the final products such as bath salts or massage oils blended for immediate use on the body. I will talk of my experience with the blends but I encourage readers to buy her end result products if you are not familiar with mixing the correct amounts of essential oils. Respiro Set- For respiratory and immune issues. The guinea pigs had the opportunity to try the Allergy Calm and the Immune Support. I am fortunate enough to not have allergies but my husband does, we blend it with a carrier oil and he massages it into his chest and back as well as his feet. If he feels an attack coming on he inhales it. He has not taken allergy medicine since he began using it. My son was showing the signs of a cold and cough, we started to massage in the Immune Support at the first sign and it was gone after a day. We have also been diffusing it in the air and putting some on our hands after being out in public. I got to use the Sereno Sleep Time Oil, I normally have no problem sleeping but leading up to my dance performance I was constantly going over the routine in my head and could not fall asleep. I massaged some into my feet and my head and I was sent to never-never land. Cristina sent me two oils from the Exulto set, the first Alegria is designed to uplift, help with depression and grief. While I am not depressed it is very uplifting and the scent of May Chang (part of the blend) is so unique. I diffuse this one in my home and in the car and everyone is happy! The second Fiesta makes you the life of the party and helps with sluggishness which for me always sets into my system in mid-afternoon. My son is a morning kid and by 2 pm I am ready for a nap before the evening activities begin. But like most moms I rarely make the time for it. Fiesta diffused in the house for about an hour between 1-2 really helps me get over that hump. This may be my favorite of all the oils. She also sent me Vigor Energia which is also an energizing blend but specific to mental fatigue and adrenal fatigue so I used this on as a massage oil on the adrenal points on the feet. The adrenals become fatigued when we are under high amounts of stress and feel our adrenaline pumping. During the time of rehearsals and performances I was feeling this kind of fatigue. I highly encourage my readers to check out these products and Cristina’s blog. I also had the opportunity to interview her: 1. How were you introduced to aromatherapy and what about it stirred a passion in you? I was a travel agent in Ecuador, I met someone who was distributing Australian essential oils in Colombia. When I smell them they transformed me, I asked her if I could sell those oils in Ecuador and I placed my first order. Little did I know that was going to change my life. Once I had the oils I bought tons of books and started to study and to put in practice what I was studying and the oils never disappointed me. Maybe what stirred my passion was the day after 4 years of trying to get pregnant my husband and I have given up, but we started to give each other massages with a blend of oils that I created to balance the hormonal system and help our bodies come back to balance. The result: I got pregnant of Juan Martin, he is 13 now and is my “aromatic” boy, I have never used antibiotics, he doesn’t remember his last fever and is a happy boy surrounded by the oils. 2. What inspires you to come up with a new blend? Do you have a lot of trial and error before it is a final product? I have a big library of aromatherapy books and I read them daily, morning and evening, there’s always so much to learn. So books inspire me to try new things, but I first think about the blend in my head, I know already the outcome and very seldom I have to do an adjustment. It’s a little difficult to explain, I let the oils talk to me. 3. Do you visit Ecuador frequently…and is there always something new to learn from what the plants there have to offer? Have you ever had a profound moment when you knew you had to explore a native plant in more detail and incorporate it into your work? Unfortunately when I go home it’s for such a short time that all I want to do is be with my parents, I miss them a lot, so I don’t have much time to do research. There’s a lot of wisdom there related to medicinal plants (not aromatic plants) that are used for so many things. My doctor in Ecuador is an expert and he prescribes herbs, not extracts, not bottled and processed herbs, but the actual herb that is carefully dried by him. It’s such an experience! 4. How do you balance the art of aromatics and creating a new blend with the business of manufacturing? Right now I’m mostly dedicated to manufacturing and writing articles on my blog. I create new things for myself and if I like the effects and how it smells I keep that record for future uses, but the bulk of my creation is in the 7 Solutions Line 5. Do you have any career advice for an aspiring Aromatherapist? Aromatherapy is about practicing with you and your “guinea pigs”, get to know your oils by using them consistently, do you have a headache? Try lavender, peppermint, rosemary. Do you have menstrual cramps? Do some warm compresses with geranium, clary sage, and fennel. 6. What is on the horizon for Aromandina? Every day I have new projects, I can’t stop thinking and creating, right now I have started an online aromatherapy certification for the Spanish speaking people around the world, there’s a need in that area and I’m very pleased with the response I’ve had so far. Disclosure: My experience with the oils is mine, this is not meant to diagnose or treat. consult your aromatherapist, herbalist or doctor before using essential oils. If you are pregnant please refer to Aromandina’s Pregnancy page. I was not paid for these review but did receive complementary samples. In addition, I became  a proud affiliate of Aromandina after experiencing the oils.”