From feeling down, to being ready to conquer the world

Posted: February 17, 2010 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Aromatherapy Tip

Today I woke up dragging my feet to get out of bed, wishing I could stay there and sleep and dream and forget about the day. But staying in bed is not a possibility, neither being sad or depressed.  There are so many good things to do today, so many great people to talk to and to meet that I could not afford to keep a dark cloud over my head. I know essential oils are there to help me. ..  Now, which one of them do I choose?  Rather than choosing an oil, I let them choose me. I just open my box of oils and take one of them, without looking at the label and it has always worked for me! So today, EXULTO Fiesta chose to be my helper, and boy, as soon as I opened the bottle to smell it my heart immediately started to quiet down.  Each blend has a story, each blend is the result of an experience either with myself, with my family, with my dear clients or my dear aromatherapy students.  Each blend comes with a specific combination of essential oils, and each oil has a story to tell. How EXULTO Fiesta was created My process of creation starts in my mind and in my heart, before the nose smells it. The name: I wanted to convey a spirit of celebration and the name Fiesta imprints that feeling of being in the now, dancing to the rhythm of life, just enjoying oneself and the company of others. The oils: my first choice were the spices Ginger and Cardamom to add that extra heat, to awaken the senses, and encourage you to keep moving.  Then came Eucalyptus Globulus, this special essential oil that I bring from Ecuador, maybe because it grows in altitudes as high as 10’000 feet, it has such a special aroma. Put a drop of Eucalyptus between your hands, breathe deeply and feel your chest opening, your perspective changes, your view of the world changes; your chest is no longer squeezed, rather open to new possibilities.  Finally I added just a hint of Palo Santo. I consider this very special oil a healer of the heart, a tree that calms the soul and lets us rest and lean on it without complaining and feeling overwhelmed.  Palo Santo in this blend provides that emotional and physical strength that we need to handle the many things we need to handle during the day. Just a whiff of Fiesta and these very special oils, with their wisdom and their love put my heart at rest.  I have also added 10 drops of the oil to my aromatherapy diffuser, now I’m ready for the day! Next time you feel down or depressed, know that essential oils are always there to help you. Disclaimer: This post has been written without proofreading. I apologize for my grammar and spelling mistakes since English is not my first language.
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