Mr. Romantic – A Charming And Sensual Blend For Men

Posted: September 29, 2013 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

When one of my regular clients mailed me the other day, asking why I didn’t have any specific products for men, I realized how unfair I had been to all my male clients.

You see, this client of mine is a regular user of the Romance Blend essential oil and Romance Blend Body Oil, and every time he and his wife used these products, they would sorely miss having an oil blend that could be exclusively used by the male partner.

So, to
Mr. Romantic Perfume Oil make up to him, and all my other male clients, I decided to formulate a blend that helps boost confidence, stamina and libido in men. It is aptly named “Mr. Romantic”.
In fact, the name too was suggested by my client! So who is Mr. Romantic? Mr. Romantic is a guy who is envied by every man and desired by every woman.
He is charming, self-assured, masculine, confident and powerful. In short, he is a dream package.

Would you like to be Mr. Romantic?

While I am not going to give out the secret ingredients of this new blend, I would still like to tell you that I have deliberately used a combination of woody, citrusy, oriental and spicy oils, not only because they make you smell deliciously divine, but also because they symbolize masculinity and can have a profound effect on a man’s physical, emotional and psychological being.

Spicy Oils 

Ever wondered where the phrase “spice up your love life” came from? Indeed, spicy oils like can breathe new life and energy into Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper are considered spicy essential oilsromantic relationships that have grown dull and stale over time.
Spicy oils are also known to lend clarity to the mind and evoke feelings of sexuality owing to their “warming” nature.
Apart from arousing erotic urges, these oils also enhance physical strength and stamina that make romantic encounters a lot more satisfying. So are you ready for a hot and spicy love life?

Citrus Oils

fresh tangerine fruits with green leaves isolatedBright and uplifting citrus scents have the ability to relax and stimulate at the same time. They spark humor and help a man gain control over himself and his surroundings. Especially for people suffering from inhibitions, self-doubt and lack of confidence, citrus scents can help tide over these negative emotions and offer a fresher, cleaner  perspective on life. When you feel bright and optimistic yourself, you will carry the same vibes over to your relationships.

 Woody Oils

Closeup of the cortical of a spruce (fir).Woody oils are inherently “grounding” in nature, which means they bring strength and stability to relationships. If a person has been grappling with ghosts of past relationships and is unable to move on, these woody scents can help provide introspection and guide them towards peace and wisdom. Woody scents also have a reputation for being powerful natural aphrodisiacs – in fact, several ancient civilizations used them in potions for love and sensuality!

Oriental (Earthy) Oils  

oriental copyrOriental oils are characterized by an exotic earthiness that encourages a deeper emotional connection with self. Stimulating and arousing in nature, they help dispel any underlying fears, and encourage free expression of sexuality.
The musky scent of oriental oils represents innate sexuality and bodily desires at a very primitive level. Hence, they help an individual ease into and submit themselves completely to sensual moments.
Oriental oils also help people communicate their physical and emotional needs more clearly, without inhibitions.

  Mr. Romantic is available in a convenient perfume oil roll-on . So what are you waiting for? Grab your bottles now and be well on your way to being Mr. Romantic!

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