Women’s Joy – Massage Treatment

Posted: April 19, 2011 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

Aromatherapy massage for women
Aromandina’s Woman’s Joy treatment is intended to provide relaxation and comfort with the pampering qualities of feminine essential oils: geranium, lavender and clary sage.

This treatment begins with a gentle mist followed by a soothing oil designed for reestablishing mood balance and relaxation, and then a warm compress to the abdomen. We will pay particular attention to the head and scalp relieving any tension that tends to focus there. After the treatment we will recommend a home routine so that the client can continue the benefits of the Woman’s Joy treatment throughout the month.

Products in the treatment:

RADIARE Essential Oil
Woman’s Help Body Oil

Supplies on Hand:

  • 2 Hand Towels
  • Crockpot

Room Set Up:

  • Crockpot filled with water on low setting with 5 drops of RADIARE Essential Oil
  • Have 2 hand towels soaking in crockpot water

Table Set Up:

Set up the table for a massage 1 drop  RADIARE Essential Oil on face cradle

Home Care Products:

RADIARE Essential Oil
Woman’s Help Body Oil


1. Start client supine. Mist your client’s body using ALEGRIA Body Mist. Hold the bottle 2 – 3 feet from client with the nozzle facing toward the ceiling and spray the mist upward. The mist will fall gently on the skin and feel like the mist in a rainforest.
2. Wring out the hot water from the hand towel that is in the crockpot and lay over the abdomen area. Repeat with other towel. This compress helps to release accumulated tension in that area.
3.  Massage with Woman’s Help Body Oil .   In your mind’s eye see your client completely balanced, relaxed and supported. Communicate that in your touch.
4. Turn client prone, mist and then massage.

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  • Melissa

    Another great idea! Im going to incorporate them into my massages! Please keep sharing thankyou! 🙂