Celebrate Love With Aromatherapy This February!

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Cristina Proano-Carrion

set the stage for romance

Yes, the season of romance is here and most of us are looking for ways to make it special for our dear ones. Is it any coincidence that February is officially named the ‘American Heart Month’?

The second month of the year also brings our focus to the “emotional health” of the heart as well as our relationship with our loved ones and ourselves. The “heart” is home to the most complex emotions – both positive and negative.   A person who does not love himself enough can never have any love to give others, and a heart filled with jealousy, envy, rage and revenge can never forge a positive trusting bond. Therefore, the two secret ingredients for fulfilling romantic relationships are purity of the heart and self-love.

Nature has gifted us with essential oils for romance and sexuality that help in this journey towards self-realization and set the stage for enriching and satisfying relationships by:

  •  Cleansing the heart of “dark” emotions and encouraging “light” emotions like compassion, forgiveness and transformation.

  • Enhancing our sensuality and confidence, which makes us more desirable to the opposite sex.

  • Helping us sort out our emotions issues to reduce conflicts, resentment and bitterness in relationships.

  • Enhancing our libido and sexuality, thus encouraging physical intimacy between partners.

Let us now look at the three categories of essential oils that will help rekindle the love in your life and bring out the sensual romantic in you.


Aromatherapy for romance: Bright and happy citrus scents to cleanse your heart  

Whenever I think of dirt (physical or emotional), the first thing that comes to my mind is the cleansing properties of citrus essential oils. Even commercial cleaning products contain extracts of citrus, don’t they?

  • Lemon: Like a ray of sunshine, lemon essential oil brightens up your life and washes away all impurities and negative feelings.

  • Sweet Orange: The scent of Sweet Orange is warming, comforting and “fodder for the heart”. It encourages you take things in good humor and absolves emotional confusion.

  • Grapefruit: The refreshing properties of Grapefruit instill positivity, joy and cheer, which are essential components of a healthy relationship.

Aromatherapy for sexuality: Beautiful and fragrant flowers for confidence and sensuality

Without confidence, sensuality is lost – no matter what you wear, how much you weigh or how your hair looks. A myriad of factors such as depression, anxiety, societal pressures or even a break-up can affect the way we feel about ourselves. Floral essential oils soothe our hearts and allow us to celebrate our unique beauty.

  • Clary Sage: Profound and seductive, Clary Sage negates melancholy and stimulates sexuality.

  • Ylang Ylang: A sweet aroma that soothes away bitterness, Ylang Ylang enhances libido and dispels feelings of jealousy and envy. Its exotic scent helps reunite our emotional and sensual natures.

  • Jasmine: Jasmine’s intense and seductive aroma is the perfect antidote for   performance anxiety, impotence and frigidity that result from depressive thoughts of inadequacy and undesirability.

  • Rose: The luxurious and erotic scent of rose fuels passion and self-assurance. It helps you discover and revel in your own sensuality.

  • Lavender:  With the healing qualities of Mother Nature, Lavender washes away emotional conflict and fills you with newfound confidence.

  • Helichrysum:  Calming and uplifting, Helichrysum instills courage and heals deep-seated emotional wounds.

Aromatherapy for libido: Spicy and powerful scents to fire up your desire

Want to know how to enhance sexuality with essential oils for massage and libido? There is no specific category for aphrodisiac essential oils, but those derived from spices are very helpful as they have strong, powerful aromas that fuel passion and make you realize how sexy you are!

  • Cardamom: This spicy scent encourages clarity of thought and warms even the coldest hearts.

  • Black Pepper: A tonic for stamina and strength, Black Pepper stimulates your mind and body, and urges you to take initiative in relationships.

  • Ginger: Arousing and inviting, the warm scent of ginger stimulates your appetite for love.

  • Patchouli: Patchouli has a voluptuous and suggestive aroma that delves deep into your emotions and instills a sense of freedom.

  • Vetiver: This earthy and positive scent helps shed inhibitions, self-consciousness and fears of intimacy.  Its sexually arousing and profound nature makes you bold and fearless in love.

How to use essential oils for romance and sexuality?

  • Choose one essential oil from each category and blend 10 drops of each in 1 Oz bottle of carrier oil to create your own Romantic Body Oil. Use this to massage your erogenous zones.

  • If you have a partner, give each other a sensual, loving massage.

  • Put 3 drops of each oil in an aromatherapy burner to create a sexy ambiance.

We love Valentine’s Day so much; we celebrate it for an entire month. What are you doing this February? Tell us how you have used aromatherapy for romance – we’d love to know!

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